Multilingual education centre

Multilingual education centreMultilingual education centre, which is a structural sub-department of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, was established in 2016 to stimulate language learning of the personnel, to learn effectively Kazakh and foreign languages, to ensure the implementation of core competencies which include: gradual introduction of multilingual education in specialist fields such as economic, technical and humanitarian; to provide with qualified multilingual human resources, to organize language courses, to identify and obtain strategic partners, to conduct an annual review of book availability and updating database of multilingual educational and methodological literature, developing programs for teaching foreign languages ​​and modern methods of teaching disciplines in foreign languages.

Goals, tasks and functions of the Centre:

  • management of the multilingual education process in KEUK;
  • regulation of the activities of multilingual education subjects;
  • control of the multilingual education process;
  • monitoring of multilingual education.

The main functions implemented by the Centre:

  • Organization of the gradual introduction of a multilingual education in specialist fields of science, engineering, humanitarian and pedagogical directions.
  • Organization of language courses (for all levels of the state language proficiency) to increase the number of multilingual teachers and students.
  • Organization of language courses (for all levels of the foreign language proficiency) to increase the number of multilingual teachers and students.
  • Organization of courses on the methodology of CLIL for multilingual teachers.
  • Organization of language courses in preparation for the international examinations for the multilingual teachers and students of KEUK.
  • Engagement with scientists from near and far broad, visiting of lecturers for delivering lectures and conducting practical classes, seminars, trainings for the development of multilingualism.
  • Annual review of book availability on disciplines of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs with textbooks and teaching materials in the three languages.
  • Replenishment of the library fund with educational, methodical, scientific, reference and other literature and multimedia materials in the state and foreign languages.
  • Organization of the writing of co-authored textbooks and teaching materials, scientific articles with partners from the near and far abroad.


The Centres staff:

Akhmetova Assiya Aikinovna
Post: acting Director of the Centre
Education: higher, Karaganda State University named after academician Ye.A. Buketov, Master of Philology.

Khussainova Ardak Bolatqızı
Post: senior methodist
Education: higher, Bolashak Karaganda University.

Contact information

Address: Academicheskaya str. 9, office 281, Karaganda.

Phone: +7 7212 44 16 24 (ext. 6625)

Fax: +7 7212  44 16 32

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