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The project is aimed at the creation of a "Central Asian Center for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship - CACTLE" for the development and strengthening of relations between Central Asian universities and enterprises as socio-economic entities with the aim of enhancing entrepreneurial competencies by improving the teaching competence of university teachers, for employees of enterprises and universities, training of students in the field of entrepreneurship and business development.

Grant Coordinator: Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien - Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria.

European partners: Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria; University of Friedrich-Alexander in Erlangen and Nuremberg, Germany; Open University of Catalonia, Spain; University of La Coruña, Spain.

Project period: 2015-2018.

Objective of the project:
Improving the quality of teaching and improving the competencies of students who are entrepreneurial skills.
Interim objectives of the project:
- Creation of the CACTLE center;
- Improving the quality of teaching business disciplines;
- Creation of conditions for practical training;
- Improving the University's interaction with the business community.

Relevance and quality of the project
Achievement of a high level of quality of higher education, satisfying the needs of the labor market, the tasks of industrial and innovative development of the country, the individual and corresponding to the best world practices in the field of education

In Karaganda Economic University:
Cooperation between the University and the Karaganda Chamber of Entrepreneurs is being realized
The course "Entrepreneurship" is planned to be taught by the teachers of three universities within the framework of the "Entrepreneurial University" program

Efficiency and effectiveness:
- A partnership agreement was signed (2015)
- A kick-off meeting was held in Almaty (December 2015)
- Three teachers were selected to conduct trainings for the CUT program (2015)
- A working group was established, the functions of key persons were defined
- The first draft of the business plan
- Logo developed
- Suggested slogan for the center
- Meeting of coordinators in Nuremberg (March 2016)
- Training of trainers in Tashkent (May 2016), Karaganda (June-July 2016) and Bishkek (September 2016)
- Presentation of the project at the Karaganda Economic University for the PPS (2016)

Courses conducted in KEUK within the framework of the project:

- Corporate and executive trainings:

1) How to make money on trouble clients

- Trainings for business founders:

1) Taxation for business founders

- Trainings for teachers:

1) CUT 

2) AMT 

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