Student life in university is very interesting and varied!

Student life in university is very interesting and varied!

There are different artistic collectives:

  • Choreographic ensembles “Zhaina”, “Ayala”. Children’s dance ensemble “Ayala” and teenage choreographic ensemble “Zhaina” are multiple laureates of republican creative competitions and international festivals in  Republic of Belarus, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Germany;
  • Ethnographic theater and museum of national costume. Students take part in scientific researches and find information about national costumes, make designs of Kazakh national costumes. Then they represent them taking part in international competitions. The theater and museum invite research workers, designers and models.
  • Theater of fashion and studio of artistic styling. Students styling modern young people's collections of clothes, pursue decorative and ornamental art (embroidery, painting clothes using the technique of batic ).
  • Vocal studio “Melody” where students can realize their vocal potential.
  • Comedy clubs where students taking part in competitions and show their sense of humor and keenness of wit. Comedy club of Karaganda economic university is the multiple champion of the region.
  • Vocal and instrumental ensemble, in which students take part as musicians, arranger and composer.
  • Literary club where students visit literary evenings dedicated to famous Kazakh and foreign writers and poets. This club holds theme book exhibitions.
  • Ethnographic ensemble of national instruments where students play different Kazakh national instruments: dombra (Kazakh stringed folk instrument), kobyz, sherter and others.
  • Student Theater “Inspiration”. All students who have theatrical ability and passion for dramatic identification take part in it.
  • Debate club “Birlik” (“Unity”) – is the place where student debate with each other about actual problems of public development.
  • Center of culture and moral development hold activities in promoting values of domestic and foreign culture, the best samples of folk, classic and modern art.

Аlso we have a lot of associations:

  • Alliance of students;
  • Youth Center “Lider of XXI century”;
  • “Choise of young generation” of Karaganda region;
  • Public and politic movement “Kaisar” of Karaganda region;
  • Karaganda Comedy Club;
  • Football team “Saryarka” in city of Karaganda;
  • The youth wing “Nur Otan”.

Guests of the university are national culture centers, representatives of "Little Assembly" of nations of Kazakhstan.

The university organizes a lot of sport competitions and Olympics. Student take part in different interacademic, municipal and republican sport competitions.

University has Youth activity Committee which manages student youth policy of the university and diversify student life.

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