approved by Order
Minister of Education and Science
the Republic of Kazakhstan
from "5" in December 2011 №506

the unified national testing

1. General Provisions

1. These Rules of uniform national testing (hereinafter - Rules) are developed in accordance with paragraph 12) of Article 5 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 27 July 2007 "On Education" and set the order of the unified national testing of students of educational institutions who have mastered the curriculum of general secondary education in the current year (hereinafter - the graduates).

2. These Regulations apply to the organization of education, regardless of ownership and departmental subordination, types and kinds.

3. Uniform national testing (hereinafter - UNT) - a form of the final assessment of students in general secondary education, combined with the entrance examinations in educational institutions that provide post-secondary or higher education.

4. UNT conducted on the basis of points of common national testing (hereinafter - PPENT).

5. Coordination of ENTna based management education regions and cities of republican significance are staffs (hereinafter - Headquarters).

6.Shtab coordinates:

1) organizational work for the UNT and appeal;

2) Information and razyasnitelnuyurabotu population on UNT;

3) work on the use of metal detectors, devices suppressor cell phone signals and surveillance during the UNT.

7. For the UNT PPENT State Commission (hereinafter - the Civil Code). HA is guided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", "On State Secrets", "On Combating Corruption" and these Rules.

8. The composition of the Civil Code includes representatives from local government offices, heads of institutions of higher education (hereinafter institutions), heads of regional (city of republican status) Departments of Education (hereinafter - Head of Education), heads of district (city) education departments, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations , the media, and the Registrar shall appoint from among the qualified employees of organizations or departments of education. Number of GK is 5 persons.

9. educational organizations:

1) regions, cities of republican status, on bazekotoryhosuschestvlyayutsvoyu deyatelnostPPENT, chairman of the Civil Code shall be appointed by the heads of universities and heads of departments (departments) of education;

2) regional centers, on the basis of kotoryhosuschestvlyayutsvoyudeyatelnostPPENT, chairman of the Civil appointed Deputy Mayor of the county (city) or the head of the district (city) department of education.

The composition of the Civil Code shall be approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the two months prior to the UNT on the proposal of universities and education departments of regions and cities of national importance.

10. GC:

1) carry out advocacy work among the population on the UNT;

2) organizeсовместносместнымиисполнительнымиорганамииорганизациями education food, accommodation and supply of graduates in PPENT and back (high-school graduates who live less than 50 kilometers from PPENT transported starting from 07.00 hours on the day of testing, and graduates who live at a distance of 50 kilometers - the day before the test);

3) provides the medical staff;

4) organization provides uninterrupted power supply and telecommunications;

5) formiruetsostavdezhurnyh;

6) ensure the attendance dezhurnyhna testing;

7) organizes the maintenance of public order, the use of metal detectors at startup for testing devices suppressor cell phone signals and video surveillance during testing;

8) carries out inspection of the building, home of the UNT, to determine explosive devices with the preparation of the inspection of the building prior to the test in the form in accordance with Annex 1 to this Regulation;

9) creates conditions for the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - the representative of the Ministry) and the Appeals Commission;

10) receives audiences otrukovoditeley PPENT nasoblyudenie sanitary standards, the presence (absence) of prohibited items (information and reference materials, e-books, calculators, cell phones, pagers and cameras) under the Act, the auditor prior to testing in the form in accordance with Annex 2 to this Regulation;

11) together with the Ministry decides vydeleniiotdelnyh audiences for graduates with disabilities, graduates of the number of children with disabilities, visually impaired (blind, visually impaired), hearing (deaf, hard of hearing), people with disorders of the musculoskeletal function and insulin-dependent patients with diabetes diabetes;

12) dlyaobschegoobozreniya post codes of correct answers in the forms denprovedeniyatestirovaniya Ekzamenatsionnyevedomosti UNT (without appeal) and Ekzamenatsionnyevedomosti UNT (suchetomapellyatsii) in the form in accordance with Annexes 3, 4, 5 knastoyaschimPravilam;

13) organizes the issuance of certificates and the register of issued certificates in accordance with Annex 6 to this Regulation;

14) inform headquarters about the progress of the UNT graduate and violations of requirements of this Regulation.

11. Decisions of the Civil Code adopted by simple majority of those present at a meeting of members of the Civil Code and the minutes of the meetings are issued, signed by the chairman and secretary. In the case of an equality of votes, the decisive vote of the chairman of the Civil Code is considered.

2. The order of the UNT

12. UNT allowed on a voluntary basis, all graduates of educational organizations this year, mastered educational programs of general secondary education.

13. UNT conducted in Kazakh and Russian languages in five subjects: Kazakh or Russian language (the language of instruction), mathematics, history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh language at schools with Russian language of instruction and the Russian language in schools with the Kazakh language learning and one of the elective subjects depending on the chosen specialty. For graduates entering the creative specialties requiring special or creative preparation, optional subject - arbitrary.

14. Date of receipt of applications for participation in the UNT from March 10 to April 25. The completed application form to produce graduates in the organization of education in which he trained.

15. Filling Name graduate certificate on the results of UNT (hereinafter - the certificate) is produced by ID card, passport or birth certificate. Graduates who have not attained the age of 16 and do not have an identity document, the school director shall issue a certificate with a photo of the graduate, the school stamped form, according to Annex 7 to this Regulation.
16. Testing is conducted in PPENT from 1 to 15 June.

17. UNT conducted using tests, developed in accordance with state compulsory standards of general secondary education in the general education curriculum.

18. The number of tests in each subject 25.

19. At the UNT is given 3.5 (three and a half) astronomical hours (210 minutes). Retaking the UNT is not allowed.

20. Answer Sheet is filled in accordance with Annex 8 to this Regulation in the following order:

1) Full name fits sector 1;

2) in the sector 2c upper horizontal cells filled with a unique code under test (hereinafter - ICT) indicated on the pass graduate. Under each figure are colored circles corresponding to the number that appears in the cells;
3) in the sector 3 and 4 are colored circles place where it will sit at the graduate exam and the version of his book-questionnaire;

4) in the sector 5prostavlyayutsya flow and number of the audience to which the graduate will pass UNT. Stream number is determined by the date of the exam.

5) in sectors 6, 7, 8, 9 are painted answers tasks subjects: Kazakh, Russian, History of Kazakhstan, Mathematics, respectively;

6) in sector 10 are colored answers tasks for the selected object;

Each job requires a choice of one right answer out of five proposed variants of answers. Selected response noted on the sector of the subject by painting the corresponding full circle.

7) sector 11 is not painted (provided to students who pass creative examinations).

8) sector 12 (shows the number of answer sheet) and not painted.

9) Particular attention is drawn to the column "Warning":

answer sheet filled pen with black paste;

answer sheet are not supposed to soil, crush, tear;

not allowed correction fluids;

spray painted with 2 or more answers than one job, the answer is not counted;

10) a graduate of the signs in the lower right corner of the answer sheet in the sector 13 "Signature of the applicant." When filling out the wrong answer sheet new graduate is not given;
21. Only after completing the service sectors of the answer sheet, starting with seat number 1, is produced in the audience distribution of books questionnaires.

22. After the distribution of books questionnaires graduates check for all the pages in the book-questionnaire. If there are no pages or printing of this marriage graduate immediately reported to representatives of the Ministry.

23. Graduate rewrites its version number with the book-questionnaire on the answer sheet (section 4), and the title page of the book fills a questionnaire.

24. After completing service sectors answer sheets and cover sheet book - a questionnaire on the board recorded the start and end of UNT.

25. Every 45 minutes after the time of the graduates are reminded by the end of the UNT in the audience should be no less than 5 graduates at the same time.

26. During the UNT in the audience included only representatives of the Ministry or the chairman of the Civil necessarily accompanied by a representative of the Ministry.

27. In the building, which hosts the UNT, in the days of exams all audiences, offices, rooms that are not used for testing (except bathrooms), as well as doors, except those that will be used for input and output of graduates are closed and sealed. Territory and the road from the building to the toilets outside the building, limited to access by unauthorized persons.

28. Graduates run in the audience one by one, with the identification of individuals is made on the basis of graduate certificates, identity document, skip and root passes. On duty in the corridor ensures that foreign objects graduates were left in a specially designated place. Graduate ranks corresponding to the number on the boarding list and after seating signs in the boarding sheet, thus confirming that took his seat. Running graduates terminated with the announcement of the beginning of UNT.

29. In cases where a graduate can not pass the test because of injury, family circumstances, as well as at the time of their application for passing the test is not true Set the date language test, it is made of dosadka graduate. In this case, graduate to the chairman of the Civil Code, submit the application to change the date of UNT or linguistic status of the audience. Attached to the application supporting documents. The decision on the issue of the minutes of the meeting dosadke CC.

30. In case of a positive decision, the representative of the Ministry amends pass graduate, according to the language of putting test determines the number of the audience, which will dosazhen this graduate.

31. dosadki exam materials used graduates who failed to appear at UNT or replacement exam materials.

Note: dosadka made only if the PPENT has the following streams and in the audience, with the necessary language testing, there are free places

32. Translation of points in the evaluation carried out in accordance with the Civil Code Transfer Scale scores in the evaluation certificate UNT general certificate of secondary education established by the authorized body in the field of education in accordance with Annex 9 to this Regulation.

33. The graduates are not allowed to converse, change from place to place, exchange of examination materials, debit, bring in audiences and use cribs, textbooks and other methodological literature, calculator, camera, mobile communication (pagers, cell phones, tablets, iPad, iPod , iPone, SmartPhone), laptops, players.

34. In case of violation of paragraph 33 graduate nastoyaschihPravil, representative of the Ministry of the Act to identify and remove prohibited items from the audience graduate, according to the Annex 10 to this Regulation and shall take a decision to annul the results of testing. Inform the Chairman of the Civil Code on the fact of violation of a graduate of this Regulation.

35. If a decision to annul the results of the removal and graduate, he takes a final examination in the form of traditional examinations in educational institutions in which he was trained. However, he loses the right to enter university this year.

36. In the event of failure of a graduate sdatekzamenatsionnye materials poistecheniiotvedennogona testirovanievremeni, his work uncultivated; representative Ministerstvasostavlyaet act of revealing the fact of late delivery of examination materials graduate after the time of testing in compliance with Annex 11 to this Regulation.

37. In order to ensure compliance with the common requirements and resolve contentious issues in the evaluation tests, the protection of the rights of participants UNT for the duration of the test are republican commission Appeals (hereinafter - the Republican appeal commission) and Appeals Commission in each PPENT.
38. The Chairman and the composition of the Republican appeal commission approved by order of the authorized body in the field of education.

39. Republican appeal commission considers the validity of the proposals to add points graduate of the Appeals Commission makes the final decision.

40. In order to carry out its functions Republican appeal commission requests and receives a copy of the appeal commissions answer sheets graduates, information on compliance with the rules of the UNT.

41. The decision of the Republican appeal commission adopted by a majority vote of all the members of the commission. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman's vote is decisive. Decisions of the Republican appeal commission form of protocols to be signed by the chairman and all members of the commission. Minutes of meetings of the Republican appeal commission and appeal commissions are kept in the National Center for testing throughout the year.

42. The work of the appeal commission headed by the chairman of the appeal committee.

43. The Chair shall be approved by order of the Appeals Commission of the authorized body in the field of education, and its composition -Manage formation regions and cities of national importance. The Appeals Committee may not include members of the Civil Code and other persons detikotoryhprohodyat ENTv this year.

44. Appeals Commission receives and considers applications from test participants on the content of the test tasks and for technical reasons, submit a proposal to the republican appeal commission on adding points graduate and inform him about the outcome of the appeal.

45. The application for appeal shall be addressed to the Chairman of the Appeals Commission personally party testing. Statements on the content of the test tasks and for technical reasons accepted do14.00 pm sleduyuschegozadnemobyavleniya test results, and considered the appeal commission within one day. The applicant must be in possession of a document proving his identity pass for UNT.
3. Final provision

46. Graduates who have passed UNT, issued:

General Certificate of Secondary Education (hereinafter - the certificate).
47. Certificate issued PP UNT within three calendar days after the date of UNT.

The certificate tabulated scores for each subject, put within the UNT.

The certificate shall be signed by the chairman of the Civil Code, representatives of ministries and sealed by the university, on the basis of which organized PP UNT or local government entity.

48. Certificate issued by an organization of education in which graduates were trained at the time of UNT. In the certificate on general subjects, as delivered within the UNT, in accordance with the decision of the Civil Code, the mark is received at UNT.