Research Studies Institute

On the base of the Karaganda economic university the research institute representing schools of sciences in the sphere of economic and legal researches functions.
The scientific research institute of economic and legal researches is created for the purpose of carrying out basic and applied scientific research in the field of economy and law and also other adjacent spheres, and for increasing level of the scientific researches which are realized at the University.
From the moment of creation of the Institute the scientific school of economical-legal researches is created and functions executing under the general supervision of the doctor of jurisprudence, professor Khanov T.A. a complex researches on a joint of sociology, economics and law. At institute the creative atmosphere is created in which students, master's and PhD students of the leading departments of the university are involved.
Activity of scientific school is implemented by means of carrying out the following program scientific researches:
1. "Problems of ensuring economic security in Kazakhstan", result of the work is preparation and issue of the collective monograph: "Economic security and problems of its providing in the Republic of Kazakhstan";
2. "The system of the state and public counteraction to drug addiction", as a result the monograph: "Criminal and legal fight against drug addiction in ensuring economic security of Kazakhstan" is published;
3. "Problems of ensuring rights and legitimate interests of a person", by results of a research the collective monograph: "Activities of a lawyer for ensuring rights and legitimate interests of the personality and establishment of circumstances of the committed crime" is prepared;
4. "Problems and the prospects of development of external economic activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan" within which the textbook "State Regulation of Economy" is published;
5. "Improvement of economical-legal relations in the sphere of environmental protection", as a result collective monographs "Harmonization of Ecology and Economy in the conditions of Globalization", "The prospects of management of the natural capital in the Republic of Kazakhstan ecologo-economic and legal aspects", "Development of "green" economy by rational use of the natural capital in the Republic of Kazakhstan: ecologo-economic and legal aspects" are published;
6. "Ensuring rights and legitimate interests of subjects of economic activity in the conditions of industrial innovative development" by results the collective monograph with the similar name is prepared.
In SRI ELP master's and PhD students systematically undergo research and development practice.
On the basis of SRI ELP three research and development laboratories are created and function:
- Laboratory of social-economic researches;
- Laboratory of legal researches;
- Laboratory of innovative and scientific-educational technologies.
The purpose of activities of laboratories is implementation of basic and applied scientific research, enhancement of scientific-educational activities of the university.
On the basis of the Institute the scientific office "Commercialization and transfer of technologies" which activity is development and deployment of intellectual property items of research and development subdividings and departments of the university in education, productions and controls is created.
The scientific office "Commercialization and transfer of technology" (CTT) of KEUK is structural subdividing of SRI ELP which works in contact with the vice rector for scientific activity, deans of faculties and departments chiefs.
CTT purpose is system involvement in scientific-research, business activity the university's staff by means of educational, organizational and technical assistance to creation of innovative projects, formation of the competences allowing combining research and development, project and business activity.
CTT is the governing body coordinating actions of all subdividings of the university on the organization of commercialization and a transfer of technology.
CTT carries out together with other subdividings of KEUK monitoring and analysis of research and development and innovative activities for the purpose of formation of the database of the research and development and innovative projects directed to their commercialization, organizes and makes competitive selection of scientific research and innovative projects with the placement purpose on the CTT platforms.
CTT provides information on the competitions, on sources of financing of innovative projects and an involvement in preparation of necessary documents.
CTT provides an involvement of administrative board of KEUK, staff of faculties, scientists, master's and PhD students in carrying out applied, methodical, exploratory and basic scientific research.
CTT selects and carries out expertizes of the scientific and innovative projects.
In 2014 on the basis of the Karaganda economic university of Kazpotrebsoyuz the "Dostyk" co-working center is created which works in contact with the vice rector on scientific activity, strategic and innovative development, research institute, dean's offices and departments.
"Dostyk" co-working center is to support of promoting of business activity among students, undergraduates and youth, creation the platform for the organization and implementation of research and development operation and formation of skills of practical activities.

RSI of Economics and Legal Research (RSI of ELR).

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