The university has 4 dormitories for 770 people. Currently in these dormitories live 609 students and undergraduates.
Buildings of the dormitories are equipped with light illumination. Dormitories have centralized water supply, sanitation (sewerage), heating and electricity. Residential sections are designed for 2-6 people. Rooms are comfortable and accommodated with modern furniture. Each floor has a spacious kitchen, equipped with all necessary stuff. Sanitary condition is being improved steadily.
The dormitory has a well-developed infrastructure: there are wireless internet, conference room, multimedia classrooms, magazine, a health center with the latest medical equipment and a laundry, placed in a separate unit.
KEU Student dormitory councils are created to assist the administration and the YAC in organizing educational, cultural, sanitary work and improve the living conditions of dormitory students.
Each month student groups assisting police conduct raids on the verification of law in the dorms and in the area adjacent to the university







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