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The foundation of the future student campus is formed in KEUK, which includes 4 dormitories, a stadium, a tennis court, gyms, a medical center, student cafes, mini-laundries, an information and educational center.
In the 2013-2014 academic year, hostel No. 3 with comfortable 4 bed rooms was commissioned. The total living area of the hostel is more than one and a half thousand square meters.
On each floor there is a separate cooking unit, as well as sanitary facilities for boys and girls, the construction of the building was carried out taking into account new energy-saving technologies. The hostel is equipped with an autonomous heat point.
Depending on the air temperature in the street, a comfortable atmosphere for living is automatically maintained in the room.
Each radiator in the building is equipped with a special thermostat. In addition, the technology of forced ventilation of cold and hot air, depending on the time of year, was applied. It can be said that this is one of the first hostels for students built in our region, taking into account the principles of the "green economy".
In all the other three dormitories, major repairs were made to the premises, computer classes, laundries were equipped, washing machines, refrigerators were purchased, TVs were installed in each room, and there was a gym.

hostel No. 1 Academic, 5
hostel No. 2 Academic, 7
hostel No. 3 Academic, 5/1
hostel No. 4 Komissarova, 32

The rules for the distribution of places in dormitories of educational organizations.
Private organizations determine the allocation of places in hostels independently, taking into account the grounds and priority in priority.
Students applying for settlement submit a standard application to the University rector through the Student Service Center (sc.yongstudent.co.)
In order to objectively distribute places in the University dormitories, the verification of the submitted documents is carried out such as:
- an application for a place in a hostel in the form in accordance with Appendix 2 to this standard of public service;
- A copy of the death certificate of both or a single parent or a certificate from the orphanage (if any); copy of oralman certificate (if any);
a certificate of disability (if any);- a certificate of the presence of 4 or more children in the family (for large families);
- A copy of an identity document;
- photo 3 * 4 2pcs.
Check-in at the hostel is based on the decision of the Housing Commission, the order of the rector, the concluded housing contract, and directions for providing the hostel. Upon check-in, students are required to arrive at the university and make payment within 3 (three) business days, after signing the order on check-in.

The provision of places in the hostel of the University to those in need is carried out in the following stages:

1) persons with disabilities from the number of persons with disabilities, persons with disabilities from childhood, persons with disabilities of groups I and II, children with disabilities, orphans and children left without parental care, if both or one parent have a disability;
2) persons from among youth who were left without parental care at the time of reaching adulthood, persons equated in benefits and guarantees to participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, persons from among rural youth who entered the specialties that determine the social and economic development of the village, and oralmans who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
3) students, in the framework of the program "Mogilik eat Zhastary - Industry!" ("Serpin - 2050");
4) students enrolled in the first year with the Altyn Belgi mark, students with a certificate of winner of the Presidential, international and republican olympiads and (or) competitions, as well as applicants who graduated from an educational institution with honors with a supporting document of education (certificate, certificate, diploma);
5) students enrolled in the first year in accordance with the state educational order, having a high score according to the results of the Unified National Testing or Complex Testing, entrance examinations in subjects or in the form of testing conducted by the organization.
6) students from among senior students who have high results in educational, scientific and public work.
Also, foreigners from among the students are provided with places in the hostel in accordance with international and intergovernmental agreements.

The distribution of places in the hostel is carried out at the beginning of the school year (from August 25 to September 5 of the month).

Further, the “Housing Commission”, following the results of the consideration of applications, makes a decision on the provision of places in the hostel.
The Housing Commission includes the Vice-rector for Social Affairs, Deputy Director of the Center for International Relations, Deputy Director of the College for BP, dormitory commanders, deputy deans of faculties for educational work, chairmen of student councils of dormitories.








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