Faculty of Distance Learning (FDL)


Faculty of Distance Learning (FDL)
The Faculty of Distance Learning provides on-the-job training for specialists in 21 areas of undergraduate education. The organization of educational process on distance education technologies in the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz (KEUK) is carried out in accordance with the mission of the university.
The main database of information resources of the university is an educational portal (http://cdo.keu.kz). The educational portal is the main information center in the management of the training system.
FDL performs the following functions:
- organization and management of the educational process;
- development and control of didactic means of distance education technology;
- informational and technical support.
Distant educational technologies are learning technologies that are carried out using information and telecommunication means with a mediated (at a distance) or not fully mediated interaction of a student and a teacher. Educational process implemented on the basis of interaction between a remote teacher and a student, regardless of the place or time of training with the help of information and communication technologies.
All students enrolled in the 1st year of the FDL receive a login and password. After receiving the login and password, the student can get acquainted with the educational schedule, electronic resources on the site.
All students at the faculty of DL(Distance learning) have their own virtual "personal offices", at any time they have access to lectures and other teaching aids of the faculty of the university, moreover they can get individual training plans, any background information, timetable of classes and exams.
Distance learning opens up unlimited opportunities for successful career growth and self-realization of the individual. This is one of the best ways to expand access to high-quality higher economic, legal, technical (technological processes) education. Among the citizens of different ages there are many capable, talented people who successfully work and are capable of mastering the sciences on the job. However, they are often not enough scientific and theoretical training. Providing such individuals with high-quality economic, legal and technical education, promoting their continued professional and scientific growth is the main goal of FDL.
Faculty tasks:
- The use of modern IT-technologies that made according to international standards for the provision of high quality educational services;
- teaching talented youth from various regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from far and near abroad using distant technologies;
- ensuring the availability of educational services using distance technologies to all interested parties
- expanding the range of educational services that meet the requirements of the modern labor market;
- attracting practitioners, including foreigners, as well as graduates to teaching at the Faculty in order to spread practical experience among students.
Experienced teachers from 20 specialized departments conduct classes at the faculty, and practitioners are involved in the educational process: representatives of state public organizations, business environment. Students of the Faculty of Distance Learning use the library's scientific foundation, the materials which are constantly updated. The scientific base of the library provides assistance in self-preparation of students for exams, in essays, theses, planned curriculum when visiting and remotely through the student's login and password.
The faculty completed the work on introducing into the educational process on the basis of distance learning technologies of the Adobe product: Adobe Connect Pro 8. The need for this software product was due to the expansion of the scope of educational services, the improvement of the management systems of the educational system based on the use of automated data banks teaching materials, as well as communication networks.
Adobe's virtual classrooms are a highly effective alternative to traditional teaching methods, allowing teachers to conduct interactive classes with graphic materials for students who are in the classroom, in a dormitory, or anywhere in the world. Adobe's rapid e-learning solutions enable our university to provide its students with access to quality online courses that are available at any time. The introduction of Adobe Connect Pro 8 allowed to organize effective interaction with geographically distributed representative offices of the FDL.
In accordance with the functions performed, the FDL has the following services: administration of the educational process, development and control of didactic means of pre-school education, information technology support of pre-school education.
Acting Dean Faculty - Doctor of Economics, Professor Borbasova ZiyadaNazibekovna.
Deputy Dean for Management of the Educational Process - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Banking Management and Financial Markets KurmanalinAnarKairatovna
The head of the department of organizing and providing distance education is Amanov Iman Abdrakhmanovich.
Managers: Amanova Roza Umirtaevna - Service for Distribution Network;
KarilkhanNurzhanarKarilkhanovna - ITODO Service.
If you want to work and learn, come to us. FDL will open endless opportunities for successful career growth and self-realization of the individual!

Address Akademicheskaya str., 9
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- 129 room- methodologists
- 145 cab. - tutors
Tel: (87212) 44-16-27;
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(87212) 44-16-25 (87212) 44-16-24 (ext.109) - deputy dekana
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