Silver University

"Silver University", the University of the Third Age is an international movement whose task is to create favorable e conditions for the successful adaptation of older people in modern life, for self-education and self-improvement.


The purpose of the activities of the "Silver University" is

increasing the social activity of the older generation.


The objectives of the "Silver University" are:

  • improving computer skills;
  • improving financial and legal literacy;
  • studying and deepening knowledge of foreign languages;
  • understanding of developmental psychology;

         The work of the "Silver University" involves teachers from the Karaganda University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, as well as partners, specialists from state institutions (departments for the coordination of employment and social programs, health, education, culture, etc.).


At the Silver University, classes are organized in the following areas:

- "Computer literacy"

- "Legal literacy"

- "Polyglot"

- "Spiritual development"

- "Healthy lifestyle".

The number and composition of disciplines included in each direction depends on the needs of the students.


Course programs:

- "Digital Literacy"

- "Emotional intelligence"

- "How to maintain and improve health"

- “ Ensuring human rights in activities law enforcement »

- " Time Management "

- " Electronic business "

- " Communicative Competence "

- " Aspiring Entrepreneur "

Education at the "Silver University" is carried out according to a separate schedule of the educational process.

Classes are held 2 times a week.

The duration of one lesson is 1 academic hour.

The duration of one training course is no more than 2 months.

The schedule of classes is compiled in accordance with the wishes of the students.

The number of activities of the "Silver University" can be supplemented based on the requests and wishes of potential students.

The group of listeners is no more than 12 people.

Forms of conducting classes: lectures, seminars, excursions, trainings. Classes are held in group form.

The format of classes is full-time and distance education.

Academic year at the "Silver University" - from October 1 to May 1

At the end of the course, a certificate is issued.

To enroll in the Silver University, you must fill out an application, which can be downloaded from the link: download application .


Contact Information:

Coordinator: Elena Krasnoshchekova

Tel.: 8 7212 44 15 68

WhatsApp : +7 775 118 77 77

Address: Karaganda , Akademicheskaya st .  9, Office 107

E - mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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