University mission

Creation of all conditions, including modern infrastructure for growth and personal development of students and academic and administration staff of the university.

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Contacts KEU

Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz

st. Academic, 9

Phone dialer 44-16-24, 44-16-34, 44-15-68
Fax 8/7212 / 44-16-32
8/7212 / 44-15-92

additional information

Selection Committee: 92-05-62, 44-15-72

The Department of strategic development: 44-16-34 int. 6555, 194

The Department of personnel management: 44-16-52

Service of documents management and control: 44-16-34 int. 156 Fax: (3212) 44-16-32

Department of planning, organizing, monitoring and control of the educational process: 44-16-00

Department of postgraduate and further education: 44-15-88

Business and Law faculty: 44-15-58

Economics and management faculty: 44-16-19

Informational technical faculty: 44-16-27

Accounting and Finance faculty: 44-16-29

Deanery of Business and Law faculty: 44-16-24 int.122

Deanery of Economics and Management faculty: 44-16-34 int. 129

Deanery of Accounting and Finance faculty: 44-16-24 int.136

Deanery of Informational technical faculty: 44-16-34 int.162

Colledge of Economics, Business and Law: 44-16-41

Library: 44-16-50

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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