• Speciality Code:

    5B051300, 6B04107

    Speciality Name:

    World Economy


    Faculty of Economics and Management

    Field of study:

    Social sciences and business

  • Contingent of students on the educational program
    Students, studying at the expense of budget funds
    Students, receiving personal grants, scholarships
    Foreign students, studying on this program
    Students, who took part in the academic mobility programs:
    - inside the country
    - outside Kazakhstan

    Academic degree - Bachelor of World Economy.

    The modern world of economy is a complex system of different countries economies, which are interconnected by various relationships. States share information, scientific and technological achievements, grant each other loans, and are combined in economic organizations. Under these conditions there is need of economists who have a perfect command of several languages ​​and understand the specifics of international economic relations.

    The speciality of "World Economy" allows students to gain complex knowledge in the field of national and world economy, international monetary relations, finance and banking, accounting, auditing, taxation, Kazakhstan and international legislation and law, marketing, activities of international economic organizations, etc.

    During the training you will learn:

    - Which country of the world is more profitable to organize production and which of them is the best place to keep money in the bank

    - How to evaluate your potential partner and build profitable relationships with them

    - How are the customs tariffs are set

    - How are the exchange rates are set and much more information.

    The graduates of a specialty of "World Economy" speak in two foreign languages ​​at the professional level. This is English language and secondary - the student's choice.

    The university actively promotes and strengthens international cooperations with world leading universities: geographical scope of KEU partners is rather wide: the United States (Saint John University), UK (International Co-operative College), Italy (University of Bologna, University "La Sapiens"), Germany (East European Institute, Munich, Regensburg University, the University of small and medium-sized enterprises, of Bilefild), Austria (Graduate school of Carinthia), Latvia, Russia (State University Higher school of Economics, Moscow, Russian peoples' friendship University, Moscow University of consumer cooperatives, cooperative Volga Institute (Centrosoyuz Russia), Siberian University of consumer cooperation, Belgorod University of consumer Cooperatives), Belarus (Belarusian trade and Economics University of consumer Cooperatives), Ukraine (Donetsk Institute of market and social policy).

    KEU actively participates in international programs and grants (TEMPUS TACIS), organizes international conferences and briefings.

    Within the framework of international co-operation there is a conduction of work by the students, who participate in international programs. The university students are the holders of grants of CCUSA Work and Travel, Work Experience, Educational Advising Center.

    The quality implementation of training program is attended by the best teachers of the university, as well as domestic and foreign experts in the field of international economics.

    The lead department is the Department of Economic Theory and International Economics, the alma mater of successful businessmen, diplomats, government officials and academics in the field of economy.

    Training period:

    - 4 years of full-time.

    The fourth item on the UNT is geography

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