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    Jurisprudence. Specialization: "Legal regulation in the field of economics"


    Faculty of Business and Law

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  • Student’s enrollment on educational program
    Students, studying at the expense of budget funds
    Students, receiving personal grants, scholarships
    Foreign students, studying on this program
    Students, who took part in the academic mobility programs:
    - inside the country
    - outside Kazakhstan

    Degree of the study program: Bachelor of Law Specialization in 5В030100 «Jurisprudence»
    Degree and Duration of Study Unitary Degree(240 ECTS points/ 129 Kazakhstan credits.
    Institute of Higher Learning Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz
    Accreditation Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education
    Period of Validity This program has been confirmed by the University for the period of four years for Bachelor students receiving their academic degree since 2016
    Level Qualification Frameworks for European Higher Education Area – 1 Cycle; European Qualification Frameworks – 6 Level; National Frameworks of Qualification: Level 6
  • A) Purpose
    • The aim of this BA program is to develop competences of graduates which enable to bring capacity into line with the requirements of modern society, training the elite modern lawyers through training and development for innovation, ensuring the quality of services to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction with the educational process, the formation of an organized, hard-working, responsible, with citizenship, tolerant, ready to continue their education and inclusion in the innovation and adaptation of the labor market and employment on the basis of mastering the general cultural and professional competences.
  • B) Characteristics
    • 1.Discipline/Area of Study
    • Main disciplines: Civil law of RK.
    • Criminal law of RK, Civil procedure law of RK, Criminal procedure law of RK,
    • Entrepreneurial law of RK, Tax law of RK, Financial law of RK, Banking law of RK, Protection of property rights in criminal proceedings,
    • Legal regulation of competition policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • 2.General Information/
    • Specialization
    • "Legal regulation in the sphere of economy" Training Program for undergraduate educational program is designed to prepare highly educated professionals.
    • 3.Concentration
    • Bachelor students of the given program of study are able to carry out their work activities in the area of management, entrepreneurship, commerce and research at organizations of various forms of ownership and various fields of specialization.
    • 4.Special Aspects
    • A peculiarity of this program is interdisciplinary training of lawyers at the intersection of law and economics. Specialty of the legal education is based on the integration with economic entity.
    • Objects of graduates professional activities of this program is legal and administrative activity of enterprises regardless of their organizational-legal form: standard-setting; law-enforcement; law enforcement; expert consulting in law enforcement, banks, courts, insurance companies, lawyers, State Revenue authorities, commercial structures
  • C) Job placement and Further Education
    • 1.Job placement
    • There was held an expertise of a comprehensive program by foreign partners: Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Belgorod State University, Association of legal universities. There were installed stable relations with employers on a basis of mutual benefit, so the employers offer workplaces for students, give an assistance in the design and further development of an educational program, teaching individual disciplines, research and processes of quality provision. A comprehensive program includes practical components, such as a production practice, an internship, practice oriented works, an organization of a “legal clinic”, taking of graduates career and career prospect, students dispose themselves to the training throughout their whole life. Graduates are prepared for work in commercial. Public divisions enterprises and organizations.
    • 2.Further education
    • Master’s Degree
  • D) Style of teaching
    • 1.Approaches to Learning and Education
    • 6 levels of “learning” are used: knowledge, understanding, exploitation, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
    • 2.Methods of Evaluation
    • Is used estimation of actual data: intermediate and final attestation.
    • Teaching methods: students' independent work, tests, essay writing, essays, case-study conclusion, projects and presentations, practice. project reports, critical incident analysis.
    • Not direct teaching methods: questionnaires and interviews students, graduates, employers, syllabus analysis and training contents.
  • E) Program Competencies
    • 1.Key competencies
    • The study program conforms fully to the requirements of the State compulsory standard of graduate education “Bachelor studies” for ensuring the quality of study programs at the second level of the cycle. This includes key competencies (also known as skills) of the future graduates of the second cycle (Please refer to the website: http://adilet.zan/kz/rus/docs/P1200001080). Below listed competencies present general and the most distinctive competencies of the study program. The graduates must:
    • To realize social significance of their future profession, to have sufficient level of professional legal consciousness.
    • Capable of scrupulously executing professional responsibilities, observing the principles of a lawyer’s ethics
    • A person, who has a culture of conduct, ready for the cooperation with colleagues, work in term
    • A person, who has basics of economic knowledge, has scientific view about management, marketing, finance, accounting and audit and etc. The one, who has the knowledge and understanding aims and methods of public regulation of economics, role of public sector in economics.
    • A person, who has an intolerance towards the corrupt conduct, the one, who respectively treats the right and law
    • Capable of working with an information in a global computer network
    • Possesses the necessary skills of a professional communication in a foreign language.
    • 2.Specific competencies
    • Capable to participate in the designing the regulatory and legal acts in accordance with a profile of his/her professional activity
    • Capable of securing the rights legislation by subjects of law
    • Capable of making solutions and committing legal actions in the exact accordance with law
    • Possesses the ability of legally correctly qualifying the facts and circumstances
    • Ready to take participation in a conduct of legal examination projects, including the normative legal acts, in order to identifying them of positions, contributing to the creation conditions for the manifestations of corruption
    • Capable of interpreting various legal acts
    • Has the skills of giving qualified legal conclusions and consultations in specific type of legal activity
  • F) A complete list of study results for this training program
    • In the context of the students’ professional practice, work in commercial structures and organizations, “Legal clinic”, the graduates can demonstrate the following abilities:
    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of basic legal concepts and institutions.
    • Demonstrate the ability of the analysis and deciding a problem in the sphere of civil and legal, labor, administratively-legal, criminal-legal and other legal relations.
    • Show the understanding and skills compilation of legal documents of various nature.
    • Orient oneself in the modern information flows and adapt to dynamically changing phenomena and processes of the world and national economy; be flexible and mobile in various conditions and situations, related with professional activities, own skills decision-making legal and economic nature in conditions of uncertainty and risk.
    • Find an optimal path of a gaining the necessary legal information and be able to process it.
    • Opening and installation of the facts of offenses and be able to their qualification, defining the measure of responsibility and punishment of guilty individuals, undertaking necessary measures to the restoration of the right violations.
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