WELCOME remarks by the acting DEAN of FDL

WELCOME remarks by the acting DEAN of FDL

Acting Dean Faculty of Distance Learning


Education with the use of distance technologies reaches a new level of development and allows each person to keep up with the times, expand his skills and knowledge that will allow him to find his place in the labor market and make a successful career. Using modern Internet technologies, we try to organize the educational process for students with the greatest comfort and minimal costs. Studying at the faculty of distance learning, everyone can get a decent education, regardless of place of residence and level of employment. Distance learning system allows you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge from home, office or computer class of the faculty. This is the most important advantage of distance learning over traditional forms of education. The Faculty of Distance Education today is: one of the largest faculties at the university, modern educational technologies; the best price-quality ratio; flexible training schedule, taking into account the capabilities of each student; individual approach, methodological assistance and organizational support throughout the entire period of study.
The contingent of our students is represented by graduates of specialized colleges, young parents, top managers of companies, and heads of state structures, which speaks of the many-sided opportunities offered by the faculty.
A unique base of teaching materials (including electronic interactive learning complexes), the best university teachers with appropriate skills, ease of organizing classes, assigning a curator to each student to receive timely advice on the organization of the educational process.
Entering our faculty, the applicant makes a really correct choice!
Graduates of our faculty are consistently in demand in the labor market. Many of them have made a brilliant professional career, occupy leading positions in public service and in business.

Distance learning is your step into the future!


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