BIBLIOUTROLibrary staff of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz has offered to spend the morning of the 13th of April, 2018 to students among the books in the Library.
In the action with an unusual name “Bibliutro: we read and have fun in a new way” have taken part students of the College and the University. The children were offered an interesting and diverse program.
Library staff at the entrance to the university held a cheerful blitz poll – “Who knows the way to the library?”. Who knows - gets a smiley, and who does not know - a guide with the address of the library and contact information.
Further in the lobby of the library students were treated to hot tea and coffee. With a salutatory word, the director of the library G.N. Jabayeva addressed the audience. Then the participants of the festival watched the scene “Eh, youth ...”, prepared by the student's theater “Inspiration”.
Then it has continued with the “Biblioutro” literary karaoke, a real festival of poetry. Teachers and students have read works by famous authors and under their own musical accompaniment.
Sports and intellectual competitions turned out to be fun and exciting. With pleasure students jumped rope, twisted a hoop, raised weights, solved logic and mathematical tasks, played chess and checkers.
The final chord of the festival was a master class from students of the Food Production group Djankeev Tolegen and Pruchaev Bogdan for cutting fruits and folding napkins.
A photo zone worked during the whole day, where the library guests could make funny photos for memory, using various pictures prepared by the library staff.
Also, the guests of the Library answered questions of the library quilts “15, April - A holiday of Love” for the Day of Lovers in Kazakhstan.
“Biblioutro” aroused a great interest among the participants and they expressed gratitude to the library staff for an interesting event and expressed hope that “Biblioutro” will become the annual tradition of the library of Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz.


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