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Ruhani jangyruIn Karaganda economic university under the patronage of the pro-rector for social issues, Professor Abilov K.Zh. 19.09, 5.10, 6.10, 17.10, 24.10, 25.10, 26.10, 27.10 were held meetings, briefing, round tables dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Harmony in the framework of the Social and Political Council (headed by Professor Klishina MV).

"We need to look at the past to
understand the present and see the contours of the future "
N. A. Nazarbayev

The events were attended by theologians, representatives of the Department of Religious Affairs of the Karaganda region and the Rehabilitation Center "Victoria". The events touched upon the most important actual issues of the formation of tolerance, the culture of interconfessional communication, inter-confessional dialogue.

The questions of preventing the influence of religious extremist and destructive organizations, the rehabilitation of victims of destructive and extremist religious organizations were the most interesting part or the discussion. The role of the Muslim ummah, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church in the unity of the people of Kazakhstan were examined the significance of the Kazakhstan model of interethnic and interfaith harmony in the consolidation of civil peace and accord.

Ruhani jangyruRuhani jangyruRuhani jangyru 

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