100 years of the October Revolution

100 years of the October RevolutionA very interesting and fascinating history lesson was held in KEU, by Doctor of History, Professor Abilov K.Zh. and by the head of the department "Social work and ANC", c.p.s., assistant professor Abdakimova M.K., senior teacher Mustafin S.Sh. dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution.

This is one of the most controversial and tragic pages of history, a turning point not only for Russian, but also for world history. And at the lesson in KEU, which was held as a round table in the framework of the developed activities for the implementation of the “Ruhani Jangyru” program, with heated discussions and a multitude of questions, different assessments and judgments about this historic event. Most importantly: our students are interested in the history of their country, and understand that the evolutionary, not the revolutionary, path is the guarantee of peace and stability in the country.

100 years of the October Revolution100 years of the October Revolution100 years of the October Revolution 

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