Guest lectures of PhD, professor Janusz Tečke of the Krakow University of Economics (Poland)

Karaganda Economic University is one of the Kazakhstan institutions of higher education that signed the Great Charter of European Universities. Our university is a member of a number of international organizations, in particular: the International Association of Universities, the European Association of Universities, the EdNet Association of Educational Institutions, the Council of Cooperative Universities of CIS countries and others.
KEU actively cooperates with international organizations and their representative offices in Kazakhstan. In particular, the program of the countries of the European Union Erasmus +, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the British Council's Newton Al-Farabi Partnership Program. Every year the geography of international cooperation of our university is expanding, it concerns the directions of academic mobility, joint scientific research, participation in international programs.
Within the framework of international cooperation, foreign professors lecture for undergraduates and doctoral students. So, from June 5 to 17, the Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation of the University of Cracow, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, reads his lectures at KEU. Janusz Techke. The scientist has great merits in the development of science and education in the context of the Bologna process and the development of international cooperation with our university.
It should be noted that Professor Janusz Techke is not the first time in our university. In 2013 he became an honorary professor at the Karaganda Economic University. A scientist from Krakow is an indispensable participant in various global economic forums of our time. His knowledge is shared with students around the world, he lectured at leading universities in Europe and America. For students, undergraduates and teachers of the Karaganda University of Economics Y. Techke prepared a course of lectures on the discipline "Management in modern societies". His lectures are very popular among listeners, and the benevolence and communication skills of Janusz Techke enable our undergraduates and doctoral students to reveal their abilities and to study the topic more deeply.


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