The Chair "Information and Computing Systems" held a round table on the topic "Religious extremism: myth or reality?" With the participation of the head of the Department of the Department of Religious Affairs of the Karaganda Region, S.K. Tlekbaev.
Terrorism and extremism at present in its scale, consequences, intensity, destructive force, in its inhumanity and cruelty turned into a terrible problem for all mankind. The latest tragic events associated with terrorist attacks in various countries of the world, with all evidence this proves. In his speech Tlekbaev SK. Spoke about what measures the state is taking to ensure the safety of the population, the rules for safe behavior in the event of the threat of a terrorist act, if an explosive device is found. He also disclosed the reasons for the emergence and spread of religious extremism, the forms of its manifestation, and explained the peculiarities of religious public associations functioning in Kazakhstan.
Participants of the round table noted the need to intensify the process of searching for effective mechanisms for educating young people in a spirit of tolerance, respectful attitude to any person, regardless of their nationality, religion.


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