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Youth. Science. Innovation.INFORMATION LETTER

The Karaganda economic university of Kazpotrebsoyuz holds the International meeting of students "New generation. New energy. New era" on April 26-27, 2017.

Meeting purpose: development of student's science, identification and support of talented youth.

Meeting objectives:

· increase in communicative communications between student's youth of various countries;

· improvement of the high school innovative environment;

· formation and expansion of base of student's scientific research and innovative projects;

· expansion and deepening of communications between research activity, business and government institutions.

The program of the international meeting of students includes:

1. Competition-exhibition of the innovative projects "Youth Contribution to the Future";

2. International scientific and practical conference of students and magistrands "Modern world and youth: vision and dialectics of development";

3. Discussions on urgent problems of science and business;

4. Business trainings and other actions.

The international meeting of students covers the following directions:

· social humanities: philosophy, sociology, conflictology, religovedeniye, philology, history, pedagogics, psychology, political science, law and international relations;

· economic sciences and business: economy, management, finance, accounting, marketing, business, services, industry of hospitality and tourism, logistics, public and local administration, ecology, management of the national economy;

· technical science: information technologies, mathematical and physical modeling, physics and technology and chemical processes of production, power engineering specialist, organization of production and technology of production, standardization and certification.

Sections of a scientific conference "Modern world and youth: vision and dialectics of development":

1. Social and humanitarian problems: state and solutions;

2. Models of an interethnic and interfaith consent youth eyes.

3. Urgent problems of the international and national law.

4. Development of national and foreign languages in modern conditions.

5. Modern problems world and national economies.

6. Social and economic, demographic and ecological aspects of development of modern society.

7. Urgent problems of production and safety of food products.

8. State and prospects of development of a services sector, management, marketing and tourism.

9. Improvement of the financial mechanism and monetary and credit system of the country.

10. Accounting, the analysis and audit in modern conditions.

11. Application of mathematical methods in the analysis and modeling of modern processes.

12. Information technologies in production and education.

13. Prospects of development of power systems: traditional and alternative approaches.

14. Physics and technology and chemical processes of production.

Working languages of a forum: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Scientific articles, research and innovative projects will undergo competitive selection, to be reviewed and checked for plagiarism existence. Degree of originality of author's materials has to be not less than 60%. Responsibility for reliability of data and quality of article is assigned to the author.

The structure of jury will include representatives of business, science, public organizations and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Work of jury is supposed in two stages: the first – at a stage of selection of projects, final – in days of work of the Meeting.

For foreign participants, whose innovative projects have passed the first stage of competitive selection, the return fare and accommodation (the scientific leader and students) is incurred by the inviting party.

Models, drawings, the illustrations, natural exhibits of projects which have passed the first stage of selection will be exposed in the lobby of KEUK in days of the Meeting.

Winners of competitions of innovative projects will be awarded by monetary and valuable prizes, and also diplomas, commendations of various nominations. To the owner of the first place in a competition of innovative projects the cash bonus of 350 thousand tenge (in an equivalent of $1000), the second place – 175 thousand tenge (in an equivalent of $500), the third place – a valuable prize is awarded.

Authors of the best reports will be awarded by diplomas of I, II, III degrees, and all participants of a meeting will be handed certificates.

Articles to projects and reports on a conference will be published in the collection, his electronic version will be posted on the website by KEUK www.keu.kz

Articles to projects on a competition need to be provided till April 01, 2017. The jury draws the conclusion about the admission of the applicant on a competition till April 08, 2017 and reports about it on e-mail of the participant.

Reports on the international scientific and practical conference for the publication are accepted till April 08, 2017.

Arrival of foreign guests on April 25, 2017 in consultation with the Organizing Committee of the meeting.

1 day of the meeting (April 26)

10:00 – Opening of a meeting.

11:00 – the Plenary session.

13:00 – the Lunch break.

14:30 – Section meetings of a conference "The modern world and youth: vision and dialectics of development";

14:30 - Competition of the innovative projects "Youth Contribution to the Future".

18:00 – the Cultural program and sightseeing tours.

2 day of the meeting (April 27)

10:00 – Continuation of a the Competition of the innovative projects "Youth Contribution to the Future";

13:30 – a lunch break;

14:30 – Business trainings and discussions on problems of science and business;

14:30 – The work of jury of the Competition of innovative projects;

16:00 – Summing up a meeting and rewarding of winners and nominees;

17:30 – the Cultural program.

Conditions for participation in the competition of innovative projects

When nominating scientific works of students for participation in the competition of innovative projects, the university sends the following documents:

1) The explanatory note to the project;

2) Summary of the innovative project (appendix 1);

3) A response of the   research advisor (no particular form);

4) Information about the author (authors) and research advisor (appendix 2);

5) The letter signed by the rector (vice rector) on the results of the intra-university stage of the competition or the decision of the Academic Council of the University on the nomination of a project for a contest, which is formalized by a protocol (Appendix 3).

Requirements for publication materials

In the article to the stated: subject, author's full name, educational institution (production association, enterprise), research advisor.

Relevance, perspective, the idea of the project have to be reflected in article; way (method) of the decision; results and prospects of implementation of the project. It is recommended to have a photo of the research object, the physical model and the software implementation environment (animation).

The article is presented in the form of one file in the WinWord format. Parameters: a page format – A4, all fields on 2 cm. The volume of article shouldn't exceed 5 pages, without numbering of pages. Font: Times New Roman, size 12. Line spacing: unary. Space of a new paragraph: 1,25 cm. Alignment of the text: on width. Formulas and drawings are inserted into the text of theses as an object.

References to literature are specified in square brackets, for example [1, page 152]. The list of references is made out according to the existing standards. References to drawings on the course of the text are obligatory.

Payment for the publication and for one copy of the collection – 2000 tenge. The price of the additional collection – 2000 tenge.

Applications (appendix 4), articles and projects for participation in a competition of innovative projects and the international conference within the International student's meeting are accepted on the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional information on phones: 8-721-2-44-16-34 (ext. 65-64), 8-747-640-18-79, 8-778-108-86-96 and on the website www.keu.kz

Venue of a meeting: Karaganda economic university of Kazpotrebsoyuz. Karaganda, Akademicheskaya St., 9.

Travel by buses 3, 19, 30, 31, 44.

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