Presentation of Erasmus+ project CACTLE.

Presentation of Erasmus+ project CACTLE.October 13, 2016 at 15.10 Erasmus+ project CACTLE (Central Asian Centre of Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship) was presented for university staff in 103 audience. There is also involved Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz besides Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan universities in this project, which is controlled by the Vienna Economic University (Austria). 5 teachers have been involved from KEUK in the project including teacher of "World Economy and International Relations" Syzdykbekov E.S. Syzdykbekov E.S. presented the Vienna model of learning (the new version of Bloom's Taxonomy, innovative teaching methods, used by European scientists), which will be used in a future Centre of Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship in KEUK.


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