“European practice of sustainable development management towards green transformation” (EPOS)









Project name: “European practice of sustainable development management towards green transformation” (EPOS)

Duration: 11/01/2022 - 11/01/2025

Working group:

Asanova M.A. – Project Coordinator, PhD, Director of the Center for Multilingual Education, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship;

Kalkabaeva G.M. - Candidate of Economics, Professor, Senior Researcher of the Research Institute of EPI.

Glazunova S.B. - Master, Director of the Department of Strategic Development

The project "European practice of sustainable development management towards green transformation" is aimed at disseminating the experience of the European Union in achieving sustainable development goals through the development and implementation of a training module in existing university educational programs in order to provide students with skills and competencies that meet the needs of the labor market and environmental problems of the region.

Within the framework of the general goal, the specific tasks are:

- develop a curriculum (syllabus) of the module in accordance with the needs of the local market and the development priorities of the region. the program of the module will be in open access mode to expand the reach of the audience;

- include the module in the curriculum of the university's educational programs, implement the module with the possibility of adjustment based on the specific needs of the market;

- use innovative approaches in teaching the module (group projects, real cases, problem-based learning, pre-podcasting, electronic textbooks and training programs);

- hold a regional conference on the topic: "Sustainable Development: European Experience and its Use in the Region" with the preparation and publication of a collection of conference materials. The conference will promote dialogue between the academic world and society, including local and state politicians, civil servants, representatives of civil society, representatives of various levels of education and the media. Wide dissemination of information through the conference will give a new impetus to the implementation of the SDGs in the region, drawing attention to the European experience and our problems;

- develop presentation materials, information bulletins, revealing the content of the module, which will contribute to the formation of an active citizenship and increase the awareness of participants by expanding the understanding of the specifics of achieving sustainable development goals;

- improve the quality of teaching disciplines related to economic, environmental and social aspects.



 “European practice of sustainable development management towards green transformation” (EPOS)

Murtazin Sh.N.

This course raises topical issues in the field of the environment and such an important aspect of our life activities as ecology. It also narrates and suggests ways to improve and preserve it.
The extensive and accessible lecture material is complemented by a high-quality and informative presentation. Self-control issues are used to verify the acquired knowledge and the possibility of their in-depth study.
Based on all of the above, I recommend that you take the course.

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