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The course is an Interactive teaching methodology

Course duration: 8 hours-in Russian.

Registration by phone: (7212) 441568; +77017202746.

Course coach: Sidorova Natalia Vladimirovna, candidate of  law, associate рrofessor

The aim of the course is to familiarize you with the system approach to the analysis of the pedagogical process of teaching the study subjects, with patterns of preparing and conducting lectures, seminars (practical trainings), ways of defining teaching tasks and ways of their solutions and choice of techniques within the credit technology of education.

Course objective:

- the study of the theoretical foundations of teaching disciplines as a pedagogical system;

- the study of the fundamental didactic categories;

- study of methods, means and forms of teaching various disciplines at the University with credit technology;

- study of modern pedagogical technologies and innovative techniques used in credit technology;

- study of methods of organization of independent work of students with credit technology;

- education of moral and psychological appearance of the modern teacher;

- training in the ability to design an optimal teaching strategy depending on the level of training of students and learning objectives;

- development of aspiration to mastering rather high level of professional pedagogical activity.

Training module:

  1. Interactive methods of communicative nature
  2. Interactive role-playing techniques
  3. Interactive group techniques

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Training-Infographics-new generation of communications

Duration of training: 16 hours (2 days) - in Russian

Registration by phone: (7212) 441568; +77017202746

Coach of the course: Tarskaya Marina Nikolaevna

The purpose of the training - the formation of skills in the use of information images in the promotion of material, financial, information flows.

Training objectives:

  1. Expand knowledge on the history of development and modern concepts and techniques of infodesign
  2. Develop your visual thinking capabilities in designing report presentations
  3. To learn how to relate different types of graphs, charts and diagrams with different types of research problems and applied tasks
  4. You will be able to master skills of transformation of initial quantitative indicators into discrete qualitative signs, and initial qualitative signs to deconstruct in quantitative according to the investigated task
  5. Be able to apply the techniques of emphase (highlight the main) using textual, typographic and graphic methods and parameters and be able to verbally describe complex visual images

Training module:

Module 1. Introduction to infographics and data visualization

Module 2. Tool

Module 3. Design in infographics

Module 4. Infographics. Applied and practical skills

Learning outcome:

  • mastering the culture of thinking; have the skills to perceive, analyze, summarize information, setting goals and ways to achieve it;
  • analyze the market situation, simulate ways to transform information to ensure sustainable competitive advantages of the product;
  • mastering practical skills of designing and creating different types of graphs,  diagrams, visual symbols and logos.

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Course-Commodity expertise

Course duration: 40 hours (10 days) - in Russian.

Registration by phone: (7212) 441568; +77017202746.

Course coach: Isabaeva Gulsim Maksutovna, Ph. D., chemist and product quality Manager

The purpose of the course is to increase the special knowledge of commodity experts in the research of commodity characteristics of the object in order to establish its classification, the actual state and the reasons for its change.

Course objective:

      - belonging of goods to one type (group, model)

      - compliance/non-compliance with the actual characteristics of the goods

      - compliance / non-compliance of packaging with regulatory data

      - compliance/non-compliance of the operating conditions with the operating instructions specified in the product data sheet

      - compliance / non-compliance of product quality with regulatory requirements

      - establishment of the market price of the object and the value of its actual condition

      - violation of economic activity of the enterprises which entailed production of low-quality production

Training module:

Module 1. Household goods

(plastic, metal, ceramic and glassware)

Module 2. Clothing and footwear group of products

(sewing, knitted and fur products and footwear)

Module 3. Jewelry (natural stones, gold and silver jewelry)

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Course-Digital literacy

Course duration: 8 classroom hours

in the Kazakh and Russian languages

Registration by phone: (7212) 441568; +77017202746.

Trainers of the course: Tsitsina Anna Sergeevna-senior lecturer

Satymbekova Saida Bazarbayevna - the senior teacher

The aim of the course is to provide the population with basic knowledge, skills and abilities to work with basic information and communication tools.

Course objective:

  • training to work with a personal computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet, as well as skills to work with the interface, programs, files and folders;

- training in skills of work with peripheral devices;

- training in the skills of using the software, as well as the skills of the search algorithm, fast typing, viewing and copying public information on the Internet;

- training in the use of basic office programs (text editors, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, etc.);

- training in the use of various messengers, social networks, e-mail, etc.;

- training in the skills of safe work on the Internet and privacy when working with computers and software, including the protection of personal data.

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Training-communicative competence

Duration of training: 16 hours (2 days) - in Russian.

Registration by phone: (7212) 441568; +77017202746.

Coach of the course: Kose Zhanna Komekovna, Ph. D., business coach, Professional manager, Professional Certified Coach ICU, specialist of neurography.

Training of communicative competence is aimed at the development of communicative culture of students and their professional and personal qualities.

The purpose of the training: to increase the efficiency of interaction with partners in life and business.

Training objectives:

  1. Enhancing the ability to establish contact in different communication situations;
  2. Development of the ability to empathy, understanding facial expressions, body language;
  3. Development of skills of understanding other people, yourself, as well as relationships between people;
  4. Mastering the skills of effective listening;
  5. Development of persuasive speech skills;
  6. Expanding the range of creative abilities;
  7. Argumentation of the point of view, protection of the interests;
  8. Training participants orientation in the problem;
  9. Development and expansion of decision-making skills, finding a compromise;
  10. Activation of the process of self-knowledge.

As a result of mastering the course the listener will know:

  • types, functions and principles of business communication;
  • the nature of the objections;
  • options for using different communication techniques.

As a result of mastering the course the listener will be able to:

      - understand the features of verbal and nonverbal communication;

      - use arguments and build counter-arguments correctly;

      - adjust the emotional state of the partner in communication.

As a result of mastering the course the listener will work out the skills:

      - "reading" verbal and nonverbal signals;

      - argumentation and persuasion, overcoming objections;

      - initiate and maintain small talk;

      - influence on the emotional state of the partner in communication.

Course content

Module 1. Basics of successful communication.

Module 2. Establish contacts.

Module 3. Communication techniques

Module 4. Proposal presentation

Module 5. Answering questions and overcoming objections.

Students have the opportunity to individually discuss with the coach their questions in accordance with the list of sections of the cou

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