What we know about Nauryz?

What we know about Nauryz?

Within the framework of pedagogical practice of 2020-2021 Masters students MN-11 NP represented by students A. Znamenok and K. Zudochkin conducted curatorial hour in honor of the past national holiday "Nauryz" under the guidance of the supervisor of research candidate of economic sciences, Professor A.A. Legostaeva.
The group MN-18-2 was chosen for the curatorial hour, the curator of the group is Bakhytzhan Erikovich Blyalov. Subjects of the curatorial hour were chosen according to the curriculum.
The curatorial hour consisted of two stages. In the first one Magistrates had covered the information about the history of Nauryz and traditional aspects of the holiday. The peculiarities of celebrating of the holiday in other Asian and Muslim countries were highlighted.

The second stage was a game, which was aimed at consolidation of the presentation material. Students showed interest and actively participated in the discussion and answering questions.

In their curatorial hour Magistrates reflected all the essence and importance of the main national holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students of MN-18-2 group were able to learn new information which helped them to know more about the holiday and how Nauryz is celebrated in other countries. This internship allows the students to show their knowledge and be creative in preparing and presenting the material.




What we know about Nauryz? What we know about Nauryz? What we know about Nauryz?
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