Demonstration lesson on the discipline «Accounting and audit in the restaurant and hotel business».

Senior lecturer of the Department" Accounting and audit "nyikanbayeva Aigul Isaevna 10.11.2020 held a demonstration lecture on the discipline" Accounting and audit in the restaurant and hotel business " in the group RD-18-1K. Lesson topic: "accounting for obligations" including:
1. documentation of working time and payroll.
2. Calculation of deductions and deductions from wages.
Teachers of the Department "Accounting and audit" and a member of the Commission of the Council of academic quality of the Karaganda economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz Karimova Bakhytgul Nurlanovna took part in the lesson. The main purpose of the lesson: Calculation and documentation of wages for the time actually worked by employees, a clear distinction between mandatory and voluntary deductions from wages and tax deductions, in which cases 90% of the income adjustment is applied. During the lesson, the teacher demonstrated how to use the interactive qiuz test.


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