The field trip

The field trip Master, senior lecturer Abdurahmanova Z. A. was organized the field trip with a group RD-11K, 14s, RD-15, RD-22 on the subject "Fundamentals of the hospitality industry" on the theme: "Modern trends in the restaurant business" in the hotel and restaurant complex "Emerge city" Karaganda.
Exit classes were held to increase students ' interest in the chosen profession, to demonstrate the latest technological equipment at the enterprises of nutrition, accommodation and recreation. They got acquainted with the restaurant, hotel complex with rooms and pub, as well as received very useful, interesting and quite extensive information. Elements of the discipline were also covered.
The administration of the "Empire city" became interested in our students and proposed the initiative on the passage of our students ' production practices in this institution, with the further employment of our students.


The field trip The field trip
The field trip The field trip
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