Round table with employers

Round table with employersMay 11, 2018 the chairs of the Economic Theory and the SLG and the International Economy and International Relations held a round table with employers on the topic "Actual problems of professional training of students in specialties" State and Local Administration ",
" World Economy "and" International Relations ".
The round table was attended by the department for coordination of issues of construction, architecture and land relations of the apparatus of the akim of the city of Karaganda; Business development department of JSC Zhilstroysberbank Kazakhstan; "The apparatus of the Akim of the Kazbekbi district of the city of Karaganda"; "Management of land relations of the Karaganda region", etc.
The main objectives and objectives of the round table: Ensuring direct contact of students with employers, in order to obtain an objective assessment of the state and trends of labor market development at the present stage.
The outcome of the meeting was discussion and approval of the recommendations and proposals of the round table.


Round table with employers Round table with employers Round table with employers
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