Sensation or regularity?

Sensation or regularity?May 8, 2018, the traditional track and field athletics relay took place for the prizes of the regional newspaper "Industrial Karaganda", dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Great Victory.
It happened that the students and the faculty of our university were eagerly awaiting. Persistently and consistently we went to this cherished goal - to become the winners of this prestigious relay race. Starting from the second stage, the team of young men confidently took the lead among the strongest high school teams in the city of Karaganda. The advantage of our guys grew from stage to stage, a break from the strong national team of KarSU. E.A. Buketov was up to 80 meters.
And when the last master of the baton was the master of sports of the international class of Kazakhstan in speed skating, the participant of the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, the bronze medalist of the World Student Competitions (Minsk, March 2018) Artem Krikunov from numerous Karaganda residents who went to the streets of South- East there was no doubt they witnessed the birth of sensation, for the first time students of the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz become winners-champions, confidently leaving behind the team of the KarSUnamed after E.A. Buketov. An invaluable contribution to the victory of our team was made by masters of sports Grigoryev Vyacheslav, Zems Vyacheslav, Palkin Stanislav.
We were supported by our young men and girls of the university, who won bronze medals for the second year in a row. The entire staff of the university with glee and pride took the triumph of our students.
Well done! Keep it up!


Sensation or regularity? Sensation or regularity? Sensation or regularity?

PS: In the treasury of the overall victory, the students also contributed:
Team of young men: Team of girls:
1.Krikunov Artem 1.Lisichkina Varvara
2.Grigoriev Vyacheslav 2.Khodarenko Daria
3.Zems Vyacheslav 3.Panferova Anel
4.Palkin Stanislav 4.Трошина Анна
5.Bondar Andrey 5.Katayeva Victoria
6. Lentovsky Nikolay 6.Stepanova Lina
7.Levichev Igor 7.Kislitsyna Elizabeth
8.ПрядкинЕвгений 8.Buss Evgeny
9.Ishmanov Konstantin 9.Alberti Jan
10.KartabaevAskar 10.Sakovets Alexandra
11.MakhimovDulat 11. Zarutskaya Kristina
12.Buss Evgeny 12.SuleimenovaZhuldyzai
13.Patrushev Maxim 13.KadirberdievaAray
14.Goncharov Vlad 14.Morsova Anastasia



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