Broadcast experience of Nazarbayev University

Broadcast experience of Nazarbayev UniversityThe Seminar "The System for Ensuring Academic Quality and Developing Academic Programs" is held at the KEU. Participants of the seminar: faculty, heads of departments, administrative staff. The issue of the seminar is very serious and relevant. Good experience in the field of providing and improving academic quality is available at Nazarbayev University.

Their representatives at the invitation of the rector of the KEU became the speakers at the seminar: General Director for Institutional Effectiveness of NU is Dr. Duncan Priestley, Managers of NU are Alia Suleimenova, Ayzhan Musina. In the higher education system is currently undergoing a number of reforms, including the autonomy of universities. It is based on international practice in general and the experience of Nazarbayev University in particular. All higher educational institutions of the country will be able to develop their educational programs, to determine the admission of students, select a faculty, create start-up companies and even open affiliated branches abroad. The participants of the seminar were especially interested in the issues of the development and design of academic programs in keeping with the expansion of academic and managerial freedom, the principles of assessing the achievement of planned learning outcomes, the whole process of development, approval and modification of academic programs. The seminar is held in a live interactive format, in the form of an active dialogue between the speaker and participants.

Broadcast experience of Nazarbayev UniversityBroadcast experience of Nazarbayev UniversityBroadcast experience of Nazarbayev University

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