Meeting to explain changes in the Tax Code

Meeting to explain changes in the Tax CodeThe Accounting and Finance Faculty, on a permanent basis, organizes lectures involving specialists and heads of financial authorities of the Karaganda region. On 21st of February 2017, with the active participation of teachers of the Department of Finance, Taxation and Insurance (FTI), It was organized a meeting of students of KEU with the Head of the Department of Indirect taxation Tahanov Ayan Borisovich, who is a permanent guest of the Department FTI and teaches our students in classes. During the lecture, he emphasized on the changes in the Tax Code of the RK, the interaction of taxpayers and the tax authority, and highlighted the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to improve the tax regimes for entrepreneurs. The students showed a great interest and asked a lot of question which had been answered by a specialist from the Department of Indirect taxation.


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