KEUK in the International ranking of higher education institutions (ARES-2020)
Processing of Ares-2020 rating data has ended.
ARES is the international ranking of universities. Specialists evaluate the quality of education and strategies to improve it. They also evaluate international activities, relations with employers, research and regional significance of the University. Indicators are processed automatically in ARES, excluding the so-called human factor, and European higher education standards are used as criteria in the assessment.

ARES uses state-of-the-art information technology, which makes it possible to collect and process a large amount of data automatically every year. The main responsibility of the University is to provide excellent education, with which the rector's office and the teaching staff cope perfectly, which allows the University to firmly hold its position in the world ranking.
From the 100% rating scale, ARES gives:
- 35% of education assessment (application of new technologies in education, monitoring the quality of education, teacher training, creation of innovative infrastructures, etc.);
- 20% - scientific research;
- 15% - international activity;
- 15% - communication with employers;
- 15% - regional significance of the University.
All these criteria are met by KEUK!

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