Dear applicant!!!

Dear applicant!!!

Admission to universities of Kazakhstan is carried out on a competitive basis to the statements in accordance with the points of the certificate of UNT:

from June 20 to August 25, 2016.

Karaganda Economic University invites:

• to full-time education with a certificate of UNT 50 points or more from June 20 to August 25, 2016;

• for full-time or part-time education of the college graduates to undergo CTA from June 20 to July 9, 2016;

• to take part in the Ministry of Education's grant competition from July 23 to July 31, 2016.

• in the second degree - without examinations - from June 20 to August 25, 2016.

If the applicant (graduate of the school or college) did not receive a passing score (50 points), or did not participate in the UNT or complex testing, he or she has the ability to pass the re-integration testing (in August) in order to enroll in the university on a fee basis.

Conditional Admission - Applicants who are not scored a passing grade (50 points) on the UNT or CTA (in July), and re-testing (in August), may be credited to conditional listener 1st year full-time training on a fee basis to the end of the first semester and pass ( in January), additional integration testing.

Admission of foreign citizens to study in higher educational institutions on a paid basis is carried out in the form of an interview.

Terms of admission to comprehensive testing instruments:

- To participate in complex testing (for college graduates), it will take place from 20 June to 9 July;

- To participate in the re-complex testing (for college and high school graduates) - from August 1 to 8;

- To participate in the additional complex testing for conditional admission of students from 5 to 12 January.

Time schedule:

-Comprehensive testing is conducted from 17 to 23 July;

-The re-integration testing will be from 19 to 24 August;

- Additional integration testing for conditional admission of students will be from 20 to 24 January.

Choosing a specialty for admission to university, you can transfer to another profession after 1 semester !!!

We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone:

8 7212- 50-21-24, 8 7212- 44-15-72, 8 7212- 44-15-68,

8 7212- 44-16-24 (extension number 6555 or 127).

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