The purpose of the Legal Clinic is a legal assistance and legal education of the population, formation of skills to provide legal assistance to vulnerable people in students of the specialty "Jurisprudence".
Opening Hours of the Legal Clinic:
Monday - Friday 14:00 - 17:00
Our contacts:
Karaganda c., Academicheskaya str. 9, KEUK
Cabinet 203a (Refer to the LRER department, office 207)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel .: +7 (721) 2441568 (int.126)
Tasks of the Legal Clinic:
1. The provision of free legal aid to the population;
2. Increasing legal awareness of the population;
3. Ensuring access to justice in Kazakhstan, with an emphasis on the needy segment of the population;
4. Educating socially-oriented professional legal world;
5. Ensuring the educational process aimed at mastering the students practical skills of the legal profession.
Often, people in need of legal assistance, may not apply to professional lawyers for various reasons. That's why our doors are open to all in need of legal advice. We attach great importance to improving the legal literacy of our clients.

We will help you write a good statement and other procedural documents.
Legal Clinic provides services free of charge.
Assistance is provided by KEUK students majoring in "Jurisprudence" under the guidance of the faculty of the departments of the legal regulation of economic relations, general law and special disciplines.
Legal Clinic deals with questions of civil, tax, family, labor, housing and administrative laws.
We will be happy to help you without asking anything in return. We find an individual approach to each client, by conducting interviews and getting to know the details, in order to restore justice.


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