Miss and Mister FBL - 2015

Miss and Mister FBL - 2015On April 22, 2015 at the KEUK Palace of students culture was conducted the contest "Miss and Mister FBL - 2015."
The purpose of the contest: educating youth aesthetic qualities, identifying the most talented, extraordinary young boys and girls.
In the competition were attended students of various specialties of the Faculty of Business and Law. Applications for participation filed by eight young men and women, harmoniously combining external beauty with a rich inner content, which they were able to demonstrate in the competition card, intellectual competition, creativity and filled with romance - catwalk.
Jury evaluated the performance of the participants, they consisted of: specially invited professional journalists, photographers, choreographers, representatives of youth organizations.


Miss and Mister FBL - 2015 Miss and Mister FBL - 2015 Miss and Mister FBL - 2015

Special guests invited to the jury were: Nazgul Talipova - Director of the Department on the television program "Первый Карагандинский", author and host of entertaining and informative program "Давай, попробуем"; Erbolat Zakirov – well-known MC of Karaganda c., chairman of the youth wing of the Karaganda branch of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, a member of the Karaganda team second season of the tv-show "Лучший город KZ»; Anna Popova – photographer of the model school «Studio Models»; Natalia Akhremenko - choreographer at Fitness club "Valerie"; Kazbek Masagutov - representative of the dance studio "Phoenix", actor of the student theatre "Inspiration", КЭУК КВН team player; Dana Alibekova - one of the best dancers in Karaganda, winner of many dance competitions.

Each of the participants proved to be talented, creative, purposeful!

On the basis of performances winners are:
1. "Mr. FBL - 2015" - Zhusupov Sultan, student of J-24s gr.;
2. "Miss FBL - 2015" - Kozhukhova Saltanat, the student of Tour-12 gr.;
3. "Vice - Mr. FBL - 2015" - Kamaliev Abylay, student of J-12 gr.;
4. "Vice - Miss FBL - 2015" - Diana Zhakiyanova, student of Tour-12 gr.;
5. "Mr. Spring FBL - 2015" - Tabyldiev Nariman, student of J-14s gr.;
6. "Miss Spring FBL - 2015" - Musina Ayagoz, student J-12;
7. "Mr. Talent FBL - 2015" - Adilzhanov Ersayin, student of Tour-11K gr.;
8. "Miss Talent FBL - 2015" - Zhosalbaeva Gulim, student of SW-11K gr.;
9. "Mr. Drive FBL - 2015" - Semen Serikov, student of J-12 gr.;
10. "Miss Drive FBL - 2015" - Duissenbekova Tomiris, student of RD-12 gr.;
11. "Mr. FBL Style - 2015" - Zhanysov Zhasulan, student of J-13s/k gr.;
12. "Miss Style FBL - 2015" - Ulanova Rabiga, student of Tour-13s/k gr.

In addition, by the results of online voting in the popular social network "Vkontakte" the nomination "Mr. and Miss Popularity" winners are: Tabyldiev Nariman and Mussina Ayagoz.
Special prizes from the sponsor of the competition «Playroom» game club were awarded Kadylbekov Sultanbek (Tour-11K gr.) and Akizhanova Dilara (Tour-11K gr.)
For the first time in the competition were attended future students of FBL - graduates of the school №59 of Karaganda Lee Sergei and Letkina Victoria, who won the nomination «Junior Miss and Mister FBL -2015."

All participants and winners were awarded diplomas, ribbons, prizes from the dean's office, as well as our sponsors.
Faculty of Business and Law is grateful and congratulates all the winners and participants!
We wish you success in your studies and in your new endeavors!


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