Safe behavior rules in winter.

Safe behavior rules in winter.In winter, the potential danger of emergencies is especially high. Our Karaganda region with its sharply continental climate is no exception. All winter with its frosts ahead. Therefore, we must be constantly prepared for new trials that the coming winter may bring us.
Neglecting the rules of safe behavior in any situation and not paying attention to constant warnings is knowingly pushing yourself to death. But our citizens are constantly being warned about the consequences of reckless behavior. And apparently the experience of one person in trouble does not always become an example for others.
There are several general simple rules that should be followed when going on the road in winter:
- try to follow the weather changes by listening to weather reports or observing the surrounding nature;
- do not neglect excess clothing;
- do not lay new roads, do not cut corners;
- do not travel in unfamiliar areas at dusk;
- try not to walk alone;
- in cold weather, especially with strong winds, constantly monitor your condition, avoiding general or local hypothermia;
- warm up frozen limbs in all available ways.
Be prepared for the weather to worsen and the road to skid.
Clothing should not hinder movement.
Shoes should be loose in any case.

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Safe behavior rules in winter. Safe behavior rules in winter. Safe behavior rules in winter.
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