«Job Fair – 2020» continues!

«Job Fair – 2020» continues!When asked what profession is important, everyone will answer differently. And if you ask how courageous, difficult and tense, perhaps, first of all, they will name heavy male specialties, remember about firefighters, rescuers, military.
The most knowledgeable will be called scientists, all mental workers. But, in our opinion, there are people whose work combines all these characteristics. Their life's work is the most necessary, the most difficult, the most responsible, requiring constant improvement.
These are people facing the most important tasks - to ensure the safety of citizens from criminal encroachments and to protect them; countering terrorism; to severely suppress extremist demonstrations, attempts to incite interethnic and interreligious enmity; fight against organized crime and any kind of corruption.
And these people are policemen.
How to join the police? What do you need to possess to become a powerful and respected protector? Where can you get: to forensic science or to the traffic police, to work with minors or to the patrol service, because they are the first to arrive at all incidents, are engaged in the suppression of administrative and criminal offenses, and enter into crime investigations without delay.
Kudlai Yevgeny Valerievich, Police Colonel, Deputy Head of the Central Police Department of the Police Department of the city of Karaganda, will tell about this at the meeting.



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