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Press releaseIn the framework of the contract with the Committee of science MES on conducting research on the topic: "Organizational and applied problems of ensuring road safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan" on 29 February 2020 in Karaganda economic University was held the presentation of the monograph "Criminal legal protection transport security according to the legislation of Kazakhstan and Russia» (Moscow, Yurlitinform publishing house, 2020). The presentation was organized by the Institute of Economic and legal research of the University.
The presentation was made by the authors of the monograph: D.l.s., prof. Bakishev K. A. (KEUK, Kazakhstan) and D. D.l.s., prof. Chuchaev A. I. (Kutafin Moscow state UNIVERSITY, Russia).
After the presentation, a lecture was held on the topic: "Crimes against justice: problems of theory and law enforcement", which was read by D.l.s., prof. Chuchaev A. I.
The presentation and lectures were attended by teachers of departments, students, undergraduates and doctoral students of educational institutions of Karaganda.


Press release Press release Press release
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