«Day of gratitude: Kazakh land»

«Day of gratitude: Kazakh land»26.02.2009 Department "SW and APK" together with the library held a round table dedicated to the day of gratitude in the library of KEUK (scientific and educational center). Invited representatives of ethnocultural associations of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan: S. V. Rakov - the representative of «Union of Cossacks», Z. Krasivsky - the representative of the Ukrainian ethno-cultural center «the Ridnyi words» I. V. Ploski is the representative of the Romanian ethno-cultural center «Dacia», said it was grateful to the Kazakh people for tolerance and hospitality in the years when many people were deported into the country.


«Day of gratitude: Kazakh land» «Day of gratitude: Kazakh land»
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