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Ореned curator/s clasessMessage from President of Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "Growth of welfare of Kazakhstan people: increase of income and quality of life" is actively studied in the educational process of our University. What are the trends in the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and how can contribute to the prosperity of the country's youth, how to become a competitive specialist – these and other equally important issues are discussed in the student community and on curatorial hours. Thus, the 2nd year undergraduates of the specialty "Jurisprudence" Kinsfater Arthur and Fedoseeva Ekaterina on October 31, 2018 held an open curatorial hour, which was preceded by an essay contest in the directions of the Message of the President of Kazakhstan.
As part of the event, the faculty of business and law summed up the results of the essay contest on the topics: "My choice – public service", "Modernization of the judicial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan: new approaches", "my innovative business ideas in the light of the adoption of the program "business Road map-2020"," Civil position of a modern lawyer"," youth Support-the priority of social policy of Kazakhstan". As the best essay considered by student of group Y-18s Agayev Arastun on the theme "My choice – public service".
Also at the curatorial hour between students of groups Yu-14, Yu-15, Yu-17s and Yu-18s was held intellectual game "tournament of experts", aimed at identifying the level of knowledge of the Message of students. The winners were students of the group Yu-14.


Ореned curator/s clasess Ореned curator/s clasess Ореned curator/s clasess
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