«Rukhani zhangyru – bolashakka bastar zhol»

«Rukhani zhangyru – bolashakka bastar zhol»April 03, 2018, Department of “Social work and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan” held an open curatorial hour on the theme «Rukhani zhangyru – bolashakka bastar zhol» with the participation of students majoring in “Basics of law and economics” and “Social work”. Guests of the event were pupils of school № 27 in Karaganda.
In his welcoming speech, c.p.s., associate Professor, head of the chair of SW and APK Abdakimova M. emphasized to students, that the provisions of the program article of the President, first of all, are devoted to youth, and the purpose of the event is the formation of an active life position of youth, education of feelings of Kazakhstan patriotism and love for their Homeland.
Speeches of the curatorial hour participants were devoted to the discussion of the content and implementation of the main projects of modernization of public consciousness. So, students OPEK-11k Uzbaeva B., Datkina G. defended the issue of phased transition of Kazakh language to Latin. Student of group SR-32 Sabirzhanova T. talked about the fact that attention to social and humanitarian knowledge through the implementation of the "New Humanities" will provide a platform for preparation of competitive skilled personnel. On the formation of a sense of patriotism through the program "Tugan Zher" – "Small homeland" on the example of the great and famous personalities of their small homeland – Egindybulak region were students of OPEC-31k Isaev A. and Kanatuly Zhanaydar. Striking examples of the advance of modern kazakh culture in a global world were devoted to the interactive presentation the students Kosaeva L. (gr. SR-12), Shakenova K. (gr.SR-13S), Garmanov D. (C. OPEK - 12), Shynarbek O. (gr. OPEC-13s). Students of group SR-21k Zhumadilda A. and Kenshilik A. presented about the stories of real contemporaries from among "100 new faces of Kazakhstan", who achieved success during the years of Independence.
Summing up the results of the open curatorial hour curators of academic groups c.ph.n., associate professor Seyfullina G.R, PhD, senior lecturer Manassova M.M., master of history, teacher Tusupova G.N. for the attention of students and schoolchildren was focused on the fact that the main priority of the modernization of public consciousness is the formation of a new generation of Kazakhstan, designed to be the main conductor of the principles of modernization of consciousness – openness, pragmatism, competitiveness.


«Rukhani zhangyru – bolashakka bastar zhol» «Rukhani zhangyru – bolashakka bastar zhol»
«Rukhani zhangyru – bolashakka bastar zhol» «Rukhani zhangyru – bolashakka bastar zhol»
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