«Ange kostyk atyndy, Tauelsizdik!»

«Ange kostyk atyndy, Tauelsizdik!»On the eve of Independence Day celebrations, the SW and APC chairs jointly with the Center for Youth Initiatives held a creative meeting with the famous aytisker-akyn Didar Kamiev. Also at the meeting sang their zhyr, tolgau, arnau Didar Kamiev`s pupils - Nurmuhammed Baysugurov, Abakkerei Tulegenly, Mukhtar Әdіlov. Smart advice, embedded in the depths of the holes, illustrate the high spirit of humanity. At the end of the meetings, Didar and Nurmukhammed arranged aytys. This meeting gave an opportunity to arouse the students' love for the Motherland and a sense of patriotism.


«Ange kostyk atyndy, Tauelsizdik!» «Ange kostyk atyndy, Tauelsizdik!»
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