AstanaThe 14th of December 2016 year as part of celebration the 25th Independence Republic of Kazakhstan “The 25th Star’s Day” library and study’s TV centre KEU were next events:
1. The Round table has name “ Astana – strategy of success” participation with Alpysbayev A. – deputy of Maslykhat of Temirtau, Narynov E., Zheksenbay N. – young poet-bards, students and employees of library and TV centre. Participant and visitors of The Round table were discussing actual questions of history of becoming and progressing sovereign state, historical role Nation’s Leader Nursultan Nazarbayev in growth of Independent Kazakhstan.
2. Competetion essay “Guarantees of Home – in business of President” among students of college and students of university with a gift that is bestowed diplomas 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.
3. In the Reading hall of library was showing film “Phenomenon of N.Nazarbayev”.
4. In the library’s hall was photo exhibition “Astana in my heart”, those photos of students of university.
5. On Info kiosk of the library seems presentation “Astana- heart of our Home”.
From 21st of November 2016 y. in the library were acting bookish-illustrative exhibitions: “Nazarbayev – human and politic” and “Kazakhstan’s way- from stability-through modernization-to prosperity”.

Директор библиотеки Г.Н.Джабаева

Гл.специалист ДСР Л.Х.Ивадилинова


 Astana  Astana  Astana
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