Сareer Day

Сareer DayNovember 18th ber in KEUK was Career Day, Department of tourism and restaurant business, has invited 14 practices of employers. Among them, the business management of the Karaganda area, TOO ABEM GC "Chaika" Hotel-Restaurant "Voyage", Turfima "Helios", LLP "Energy Plus" restaurant complex "Rubin", "Sadr City" Restaurant, Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Travel agency " Peacock-Tour ", Restaurant" Palermo ".
The regional historical museum hotel "Cosmonaut" Travel agency «TRAVELHOUSE». All graduates of the department took an active part in this event. Many students had the opportunity to read and give your resume a leading enterprise of tourism and catering trade Karaganda region.


Сareer Day Сareer Day
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