DEAR COLLEAGUES AND FRIENDS!Department of tourism and restaurant business Karaganda Economic University congratulates you on the World Tourism Day!
World Tourism Day - a day of "open doors" anywhere in the world. Travel, how great! There is not one person on earth who would not love to wander the world, to be a pioneer of new unexplored corners of the earth. Feast of anyone who feels like a tourist, and it does not matter is it's a trip to the nearest edge of the forest, or in an exotic country.
On this day, we can congratulate all those involved in the travel and tourism: tour guides, tour operators, hotel workers, security personnel rest.
This holiday is celebrated on September 27 and its main idea - the development of international relations, cultural relations. On this day, arrange tourist meetings, trips, trips into the countryside. A growing number of countries organize their citizens a variety of tourism projects, programs, actively involving the young generation. Today it became almost impossible to find the unknown piece of land. You can see millions of beautiful places in the photo, but nothing can replace the emotions and experiences that tourists will experience after the next hike. Being a tourist - it is fashionable, but the most important thing - it means to be healthy and active!

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