Exit business-activity in LLP "Autocentre Bacchus"

The department of "Marketing and Logistics" on may of 5th, 2016 dedicated to the 50th anniversary of KEUK for the TV show "KEUK: yesterday, today and tomorrow" with the participation of TV channel "Channel 5" held a visiting session in LLP "Autocentre Bacchus" with the participation of the deputy and with director Imanbaeva KE and groups as Log-22 Log-23c, Log-21K, MK-22, MK-31 to following the disciplines:
«Wholesale and retail trade" (practical lesson) Art. teacher, master Valeeva VZ
«Wholesale and retail trade" (occupation SRSP) Art. teacher, master Mukhametzhanova Z.B.
«Online Marketing" (practical lesson) Art. teacher, Maykenovoy A.E.
«Fundamentals of Logistics" (lectures), associate professor, Smagulova K.S.
«Marketing Logistics" (practice session), Ph.D., associate professor Arynova


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