Ethnofestival «Бірлігіміз жарасқан!»

April 28 at the Karaganda Economics University of Kazpotrebsoyuz passed ethnofestival «Бірлігіміз жарасқан» dedicated to the 50th anniversary of KEUK in celebration of Kazakhstan People's Unity Day.
The festival was attended by representatives of ethno-cultural associations, teachers and university students.
The main objectives were etnofestival strengthening social cohesion and interethnic tolerance, promote the preservation of customs and traditions of the peoples living in Kazakhstan, the succession of generations and the development of relations and the implementation of information cultural exchange between the university and ethno-cultural associations of the Karaganda region.
As part of the ethnic festival held fair-exhibition of decorative - applied art of famous artists of the city (Н.Романенко, О.Дычко, А.Руденко, А.Ли, Н.Якубаева, З.Маньковская, А.Папаян, Н.Мошонкина, А.Жукова, Д.Шожен, С.Мизернюк).
For guests and representatives of the students of the Faculty departments have organized the presentation of the national (Armenian, Chechen-Ingush, Tatar, Uzbek) customs and traditions, food and costumes.
Representatives of the departments of the faculty organized for visitors and students a presentation of national (Armenian, Chechen-Ingush, Tatar, Uzbek) usages and traditions, foods and costumes.
Etnofestival «Бірлігіміз жарасқан» continued with a festive concert, which was attended not only university students but also representatives of creative


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