ROUND TABLEApril 20, 2016 at 14:00 within realization of the State program of a development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2020 and celebration of the 50 anniversary of the Karaganda economic university of Kazpotrebsoyuz the round table on a subject has taken place: "Problems and prospects of development of the praktiko-focused training of students and undergraduates of the specialties "Law" and "Customs affairs" in the conditions of legal reform in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

PREO and OYuSD departments of faculty of Business and the right of the Karaganda economic university of Kazpotrebsoyuz have acted as organizers of action.
Representatives of government bodies, the judicial case, private law firms and public organizations have taken part in work of a round table.
The subjects offered for discussion had the praktiko-focused character, reflected various aspects of modern higher education: the praktiko-focused training – a condition of training of competitive experts; participation of employers in establishment of the purposes of an educational program and formation of total competences of future expert; value of the praktiko-focused legal education in the field of fight against corruption and crime; activity of legal clinic in system of the praktiko-focused training; problems of development of communication of legal practice with scientific researches; training in a magistracy as one of conditions of continuous development of professional competence; youth practice – as the instrument of employment of young specialists.
By results of a round table recommendations about formation professional competences of the lawyer and the customs officer are developed, audit of an educational program "Legal regulation in the sphere of economy" is booked.


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