“My second home”

“My second home”In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Karaganda Economic University Kazpotrebsoyuz by deanery and Congress of students of the Faculty of Business and Law was held a competition among students living in university dormitories "My second home"
Under the terms of competition only students living in dormitories number 1, 3, 4 KEUK were involved in. The competition between the students (all courses and specialties), held on 4 rounds in which they were able to demonstrate physical endurance, ingenuity, creativity. And most important thing - the ability to cohesively solve tasks and creative approach to the assignment.
1 round - PAINTBALL. From each dormitory participated team of 10 people (girls and boys).
2 round "MORTAL KOMBAT," and 3-round - "Twister" were held on the basis of "Nekafe, time-café" in Karaganda. From each dormitory 1 player has been exposed.
The contest results were summed up in the Palace of culture of students of the University, where the final round was held - a creative tour. From each dormitory have been prepared - 1 dancing, 1 vocal number.
As a general decision of the jury of the contest winners became team from dormitory №4.


“My second home”
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