Going to the theater!

Going to the theater!Teacher of the Department "World Economy and International Relations" Nazarov E.Zh. with his curatorial group MO-11K and foreign students from Russia and Tajikistan on February 5 went to the show "Lost" in the Kazakh Drama Theater named after S.Seifullin.
The play "Lost" raises one of the most acute problems of our time such as terrorism and religious extremism, and high flow especially the youth in the hot spot of so-called pseudo-state - Islamic State and Libya. Emotional game cast left nobody indifferent. The performance was shown moments terrorists luring youth into their ranks and sent to Syria to fight.
Today, when the problem is very serious on a global level, the need for this kind of performances is only growing. In this connection, a visit to these performances by students is very helpful in terms of education and information.
For foreign students were provided simultaneous translation headphones, as the play was in the Kazakh language.


Going to the theater! Going to the theater!
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