One hundred concrete steps of the President N. Nazarbayev

One hundred concrete steps of the President N. NazarbayevPresident of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev identified 100 concrete steps to implement five presidential reforms.
The plan includes five institutional reforms:
- formation of a professional state apparatus;
- the rule of law;
- industrialization and economic growth;
- identity and unity;
- formation of accountable government.


- Quickly established a National Commission on the modernization of the President of the country, which includes five working groups consisting of local and foreign experts.
- The National Commission should carry out a phased implementation of coordinated control of five institutional reforms. It will ensure effective cooperation between government bodies, the business sector and civil society.
- The National Commission must take a conceptual solution and determine the specific action plans. Its proposals will be approved by the President. Pursuant to the approved decisions will promptly make an Act of Parliament and government regulations.
- The effectiveness of the implementation of key initiatives by ministers and akims will monitor closely the national commission.
- It is needed to create the National Commission INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD of eminent foreign experts. This Board will make recommendations and implement an independent system monitoring the outcomes of the reforms.
- Working body of the National Commission must determine the Office of the Prime Minister of KAZAKHSTAN.


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