Forum of young entrepreneurs

Forum of young entrepreneursOn 26 and 27 February of 2015 on the basis of the Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsoyuz, with the assistance of the Regional Chamber of entrepreneurs of the Karaganda region and Kazakhstan Association of Young Entrepreneurs, in order to promote the growth of business activity in the youth has been conducted II regional "Forum of young entrepreneurs." In the framework of forum was held a contest of business projects "WINTER" with awarding winners. The total fund prize consisted of 1 000 000 tenge. According to the results of the commission winners: 1st place won the project "Газобетон" (500 000 tenge), 2nd place - project " Дарабоз" (300 000 tenge) and 3rd place – the project " Футбол в шарах " (200 000 tenge). We should also note that the certificate which gives the right to study in Business-school received pupil of the school-lyceum № 101 Bozhbanov A.

Forum of young entrepreneurs  Forum of young entrepreneurs  Forum of young entrepreneurs 
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