«My profession - lawyer: Sochi- 2015»

«My profession - lawyer: Sochi- 2015»

From January 26 to February 2 of 2015 in Sochi Institute (branch) of People's Friendship University was hosted an international Winter Academy for teachers and students named "My profession - lawyer: Sochi-2015". Organizers of the event: Association of law universities (Moscow c.), Peoples' Friendship University (Moscow c.). representatives of the three countries, more than 50 participants.

As part of the Winter Academy, students majoring in "Jurisprudence" J-22 Blyalova D., J-31s\k Tolegenova D. passed international training and work practice; professor Veselskaya N.R., docent Nurpeisova A.K. passed international training qualification courses named "Professional competence of the lawyer - a techniques of forming".

Legal professionalism: the possibility of forming in the educational process of law universities, professional communication of a lawyer: work on the plot of hypothetical cases, work with legal documents, the formation of a lawyer position in the case, public speaking of a lawyer - this were the complete list of the issues that were discussed by participants during the work process of the Winter Academy.

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